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Broaden your perspective

In coaching, you take time for yourself. And I take time for you. Together we look at your life, where it is currently ready for change or challenging.

Perhaps you have a desire for more clarity or new paths that is making itself heard powerfully - and you are unsure how to respond to the call. Or you are in a private or professional situation in which you lack insight, perspective and foresight. You are exhausted from the search for your purpose, feel empty and drained by your struggles in the world. Or you simply want to know who you are, what you are capable of and how you can make your heart more beautiful.

I will accompany you in discovering what is unresolved and weighing you down, uncovering patterns and recognizing resources. I will support you in developing a new perspective on yourself and your life and rejoice with you at every step you take towards a new way of being. Your head, but also your heart and your gut feeling will be invited to get involved and contribute to a good solution.

I work in a process-, structure- and system-oriented way and also like to be guided by my intuition. Sometimes a session may consist of a conversation only, sometimes it will involve the body, sometimes methods from systemic therapy such as constellations provide new insights.

Are you ready to open up and make room for what wants to find you?

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